After Gods Own Heart: The Key to Knowing and Living Gods Passionate Love for You

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I suppose even rocks talk, that is the electrons, protons and photons that interact are in motion and therefore subject to laws of sound in very hard for us to hear frequency. Gilbert Lay:Crystals vibrate at a frequency that can be used to run a very accurate watch. There is a natural frequency to everything. We do not have the tester that will test everything but if we had one it would prove that even rocks have a frequency.

GME Of course our bodies run out before we do but you fail to understand we out grow our bodies and hence we leave it behind.

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Now you need to find out why rather than using unproven myths as means of proving something is untrue and try and find the truth. How does a myth become a myth? Are all myths untrue? Are myths an exaggeration of the truth? What is the truth? Actually you must start with being true to yourself first otherwise it really would be a pointless quest.

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Ultimately, water is just two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Things change. We call that evolution in the biological world. It can be Darwinian by natural selection, the passing on of beneficial traits or other methods such as horizontal gene transfer and selective breeding. Populations of light moths, over a few generations, turn dark if left on darker tree bark due to environmental changes.

They pass on dark colouring. Man breeds dogs. Want a guard dog? Breed based on aggression, size etc. Bacteria have been shown to swap DNA by several methods, resulting in antibiotic resistance spreading globally very quickly. Why no dinosaurs in the bible?

Why are fossil records different depending on what layer loosely, with layers of sedimentary rock representing periods in time they are found in? Do you even believe rocks were layer down by that process, among others? Absurdity of Atheism If abiogenesis spontaneous creation without specific design can be admitted under such conditions of regularity, then purposeful generation and definitely balanced creation can be the result of error ad perplexity, since these two are opposed to abiogenesis. Such a statement is highly absurd that order and rectitude should come about without a Creator, and disorder and impropriety of design and fate should suppose a Creator.

He is an ignoramus who says this, because anything produced without design will never be exact and proportioned, while disorder and contrariness cannot co-exist with orderly design. Allah swt is far above what the heretics say. Who said anything was random and disordered?

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Chemistry, the driver of biology, certainly isnt either. Neither is physics. They are both predictable but just complex, with so many influences, so goat herding nomads and the like invented gods — lots of them, all claiming their brand is best and in fact the only right one.

The alternatives to creation and evolution, for example, are laughably silly. A biblical flat earth around which the sun orbits? Mud statues? Using ribs from man to make woman? Talking snakes? Magic apples? Talking burning bushes? Purposeful creation is very fast compared to natural processes on the same scale.

“If you can read this sentence, I can prove God exists”

The Great Wall of China was built for about a millenia — and look at what the end result is. Abiogenesis lasted for millions of years, and its end result is a mix of simple organic elements capable of reproducing with errors and engulfing elements needed for reproducing. Compare those two, and you get a pretty good idea how the former is impossible to do with the latter. Do children with 12 fingers not get born? Do children without a head not get born? Do people with one leg shorter then the other not get born? Are we not all different from one another in some small or great way?

What exact proportions do you see in life? You used a good prognosis of the computer and the programmer. Now how do we know the difference between sweet and bitter good and bad? Today man has developed more power computers which can process things far faster than us yet we still have ultimate control over them. If they get a virus they tend to crash.

We also try to stop the virus but sometimes we just have to replace the hard drive and start again.

No suppose we have been designed in a similar way for example we can be corrupted we can contract a virus and ultimately when we stop working out creator can retrieve our memory and brings us back to life with a new body faster memory faster processors and more intelligence. A computer? Does it know it has a maker Can it choose to decide and follow the makers inputs.? How can you say something is not true because it is not scientifically proven?

How many times have the scientists books been rewritten because of new discoveries and new scientific development. How many people thought the world was flat and assumed the end of the flat world was the sea which stretched out forever. Man decide I can cross that sea or I can attempt to fly like that bird. Man has not yet grown his own wings and flown with then yet.

Can science prove this can be done? Why do birds have wings? Will man evolve into being able to fly? We can choose to accept we have a creator who has ultimate control or not. Religious has there are others in the form of angels however we depict what they look like. What if Instructions have been left for us to live and develop. What if how we choose to process these instructions has been left entirely up to us as individuals.

Once the code is cracked do you think the designer will sit back or will he be alerted of this? We know why computers have updates. To prevent viruses and fix bugs as well as improve usage efficiency which in prevents over heating and over use. Suppose this is what our creator wants if we were to have one I have not even touched on things like sleep , time domains , male and female, Science has proven that science alone does not hold all the answers.

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Basically what i am saying is why does talking and moving and seeing and everything else in between feel so natural if there is a very complex design behind it? The biological processes of cellular reproduction are completely independent from mental processes. Learning more about biology will let you make more persuasive arguments about it. H2O particles created a strand of DNA while combining with different elements. Why do u think we survive on water today and how we absorb water molecules. A human can go a week and a half without drinking water.

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Proving that u will die without water and the fact that DNA thrives on water as the moleculic structure is absorbed. Where did they come from and how are they constant?


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Great website! Very stimulating information. Perry ponder this; What scienfic evidence do you have for the perfect Axis tilt? Cosmic collision? Einstein Law r being Disproved as we speak, bouyancy weight. Engineer disputes the Law, look it up. Not metion CERN by miliasecond speed of light, etc.

Is it magic too that two of our planets spin in opposite directions? How does that affect laws of space and time?