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Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers, Book 3)
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Yet, in Crystal Gorge, as well as other series, "gods" and "dreams" are involved, things are quite revealed and foretold. The most exciting part is, of course the details and backgrounds of the characters that made them likable and the "tactics" the armies used, using the resources of the land so brilliantly so they can win battles with minimal casualties.

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And well, as spoiler goes, none of the key characters has been "killed" yet this time, and how the final victory factor was discovered and available - though still, brilliantly executed, using the elemental pattern of: 1. I mean, as the characters said, "What use are the outlanders if a single person through the dreamers can win this war? Favourite characters: 1. It focused a lot on set up and the 'wars' fought weren't actually 'fought' so per say. It was also nice seeing more of the younger gods at the very end but I really wish they'd been brought in more often and were more prominent figures in this narrative.

And then eventually it gets a little bit interesting the book just takes it away "we are surrounded, the world is lost. The gentlemen from the horse culture and the Amazon queen do act confused occasionally, but they then turn around with the same-style sarcastic quip sense of humor that everyone else has. This trend continued through the Elenium and Tamuli, as well as Eddings' propensity for marrying off all of his characters--except for the celibate and eunuchs.

So with that in mind, when I saw this book sitting in the bargain bin, I picked it up on the premise that it might stand alone, and if it didn't I should be able to pick up the story easily and it ought to make me want to read the rest of the series. The problem of name repetition I can understand a few names being similar to those used in the past, but the world of the Dreamers had so many name similarities to his last works that I wondered which character was being referred to.

Crystal Gorge

But that's when things got boring To be fair, Eddings has always used gods in his fantasy stories. Once it's revealed the all powerful mother Goddess figure is already in the middle of the protagonist camp incidentally reeking of Poledra, although every time she got near a stove I wanted to add a 'Polg' in front of her name for consistency , the stakes the gone.

Crystal Gorge

However, if you were going to read Eddings for the first time, I don't see why you wouldn't start with The Belgariad. David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best-selling series of epic fantasy novels.

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Start by marking “Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers, #3)” as Want to Read: David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best-selling series of epic fantasy novels. David Eddings' wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited co-author on many of his early books, but he had later. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for David Edings: 'My ideal summer read! Having enjoyed Crystal Gorge by [Eddings, David, Eddings, Leigh].

Now he's taken his first civilian assignment for his army buddy's security firm: protecting a rock diva on her sold-o Norman Saylor considered it nothing but superstition, until he learned that his own wife was a practicing sorceress. Scholastic is proud to present the final installment of The Royal Diaries series.

Do what? Try to turn everything into a joke.

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I didnt mean to poach in your territory. Shall we go? Its fairly certain that the creatures of the Wasteland will come east now, Dahlaine, Aracia was saying as Red-Beard and Longbow entered Veltans map-room. After Yaltars volcano destroyed the ones in Zelanas Domain, they turned south to attack the nearest part of the Land of Dhrall, and east is closer to south than north. Theyll attack me next. That should be obvious. Youre overlooking something, Aracia, Dahlaine disagreed. The servants of the Vlagh are cramming thousands - or even millions - of years of development into very short periods of time.

If we assume that theyre still thinking at the most primitive level, I think well start getting some very nasty surprises. Im almost positive that their overmind has come to realize that the attack here in the south turned into a disaster, and that would make closer very unattractive. Im quite certain that their next attack will be as far from here as possible. Arent we wandering just a bit? Zelana suggested. We wont know which way the bugs will move until one of the Dreamers gives us that information.

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Id say lets wait. In the light of what happened in my Domain and Veltans, we just dont have enough information to lock anything in stone yet. Zelanas right, you know, Veltan agreed. We cant be sure of anything until one of the children has one of those dreams.

May I make a suggestion? Ill listen to anything right now, Dahlaine replied. Im unfamiliar with the lands of the north and the east, but wouldnt it make sense to alert the local population to the possibility of an incipient invasion? If the people of both regions know that theres a distinct possibility that the bug-men will attack, theyll be able to make some preparations. That makes sense, Aracia, Dahlaine conceded.

Crystal Gorge

If what happened here and off to the west are any indication of whats likely to happen in your Domain or mine, the local population will probably play a large part in giving us another victory. Aracia glared at her older brother, but she didnt respond. Longbow tapped Red-Beards shoulder. Why dont we go get a breath of fresh air, he quietly suggested. I t is just a bit stuffy in here, Red-Beard agreed. Lead on, friend Longbow. They went on out of the map-room and then some distance along the dimly lighted hallway.

Is it just my imagination or is Zelanas older sister behaving a bit childishly? I dont really know her all that well, Red-Beard said, and I think Id like to keep it that way. It seems to me that shes got an attitude problem. Or maybe even something worse. Remember what happened back in the ravine? Suddenly, for no reason at all, Zelana jumped up, grabbed Eleria, and flew on back to her grotto on the Isle of Thurn.

Oh, yes, Red-Beard said. Sorgan almost had a fit when she ran off like that without giving him all that gold shed promised him. If I remember right, it finally took a bit of bullying by Eleria to bring her back to her senses. I dont know very much about Aracia, Longbow admitted, but Im starting to catch a strong odor of irrationality in her vicinity.

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Her mind doesnt seem to work any more. I wouldnt be too sure about that, Longbow, Red-Beard disagreed. It might just be working very well. From what Ive heard, anybody in her Domain who doesnt want to do honest work joins the priesthood and spends all his time adoring her.

That s what I ve heard too. Soldiering is one kind of honest work, isnt it? Not as hard as farming is, maybe, but its still harder than adoring somebody. If thats the way things are in her Domain, doesnt that sort of suggest that she doesnt have anything at all like an army over there? Wouldnt that explain why she wants all the soldiers Zelana and Veltan hired to come on over to her territory to protect her if the bug-people decide to come her way? Very good, Red-Beard, Longbow said. Maybe shes not quite as irrational as it might seem.

If her Domain is totally undefended, shell need just about everybody with a sword or a bow to come there to protect her. Its very selfish, of course, but I dont think that would bother her. She seems to believe that shes the most important thing in the whole world, so from her way of looking at things, were all obliged to rush to her defense. Theres not much that we can do about it right now, friend Longbow - except possibly to suggest to Zelana that shed better keep a close eye on her big sister. Im sure that Zelana already knows about her sisters peculiarities, but we might want to caution Sorgan and Narasan about this.

Youre probably right.