Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard
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For me, the attraction of the Imperial Guard has always been the feeling of cheering for the little guy!


A Guardsman is clearly just a human in the battle against the monstrous horrors of the 41st millennium. He has nothing but his faith, and his buddies, to get him through. This artwork from when I started playing 40k 1st Edition has always been core to what I want an Imperial Guard army to be. In 8th Edition, the ability of any weapon being able to wound anything, meant that infantry vs vehicles and monsters received a massive buff.

However, there was no balance to this. Vehicles and monsters did not gain additional bonuses vs infantry.

Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guard Reference Sheet

This tipped the advantage towards infantry. We can even find advantage in the fragility of the Imperial Guard Infantry as single wound models. They benefit from wounds not rolling over. An Imperial Guard Infantry list takes these principles to the extreme! The targets that multi-wound weapons are good against are protected by the character mechanic, and this is something within your control. The only multi-wound models in an all infantry list are characters.

Your enemy cannot easily bring their Lascannons to bear on your Company Commander for example.

In 8th Edition the choice of casualties within a squad is yours. We can use this to keep our big guns firing. Heavy weapons in infantry squads have 8 wounds to work through before we remove the Heavy Weapon. Think of it as a squad being told to keep a gun in action at all costs, hauling the bodies of their comrades aside as they keep it in action in a hail of incoming fire!

Guard Shooting

A further benefit relates to Alpha Strike. Most anti-infantry weapons are relatively short ranged, or much less effective at longer ranges.

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The entire Rapid Fire subset of weapons are, by definition, less effective at longer ranges normally turns 1 and 2. Editors note; although this is now less true due to the new Bolter Beta rule. Line-of-site blocking terrain, and more terrain in general play into the strengths of infantry, as infantry is much more flexible at:.

This gives us the ability to survive the intense first round of fire common in games with enough to punch back with. The development of 8th edition has seen a move to controlling the board to win games.

Don’t Mess Up These Rules When Playing Imperial Guard

Combined with the early changes to objective secured, and coupled with orders, we have the ability to control the board and rack up points. Crucial to mastering Imperial Guard Infantry is to recognise the need for mobility. Movement controls where combat happens dictates range, and controls the board.

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This allows us to control where we can overwhelm our opponent. It also allows us to protect our firebase. Our goal is to have our opponent tied up fighting our screen whilst our firebase picks them apart. Part of our army will have to remain static due to our low BS. Legionary Reflex Sight. CM72 Plasma Pistols. Legionary Flamethrowers. Legionary Plasma Gun. Legionary Combat Blades. Legionary Vibro Swords. Legionary Plasma Pistols. Lady Hellena. Guardsmen Lascannon. Imperial Guardswoman torsos and heads.

Imperial Siege Mortar Battery. Guardsmen Veteran Heads. Heavy Weapon Tracked Platform.

go here Running Guardsmen Legs. Kneeling Guardsmen Legs. Imperial Highlanders Kneeling Legs. Imperial Highlanders Running Legs. Imperial Highlanders Legs. Imperial Highlanders Heads. Imperial Highlanders Torsos. Heavy Tank Turret with Tormentor Cannon. Heavy Tank Turret with Crusher Cannon. Imperial Siege Mortar.

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M Assault Rifles. Magma Rifles. Guardsmen Grenade Launchers.