Mont Saint Michel - The Sacred Miracle

Medieval Mont St-Michel: The Sacred Castle in the Sea
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The maiden is, again, described in superlative terms: Scho was flour of all Fraunce, or of fyfe rewmes, And one of the fayreste that fourmede was euere, The gentileste jowell ajuggede with lordes Fro Geen vnto Geron, by Ihesu of Heuen! Although the Virgin Mary is not identified as the patroness of the church or the convent in either the AMA or in Geoffrey, both poets would have known that Tombelaine was sacred to the Virgin Mary. Because the legend of the Giant of Mont-Saint-Michel is used in Geoffrey to explain the name of Mont Tombelaine and serves at the same time as a foundation myth for the nearby Marian cult, there are, in all accounts of the episode, associations between each of the twin mountains, a sacred figure with no primary relics , and the body of a secular figure.

Holy the Quest

Meanwhile, the proximity of the larger mountain to the smaller means that the figures represented by each in legend—that of the Giant and that of Elaine, incompatible in life—are now forever fixed near to one another in a geographical arrangement as permanent as death. Finally, he carries her, body and soul, up to the clouds. His most important charge in this capacity is clearly the soul of the Virgin Mary. In homilies on the Assumption of the Virgin, Christ himself entrusts the soul of His mother to Saint Michael, an act which most certainly sanctioned belief in the archangel as the psychopomp par excellence.

In both cases, a superlatively royal and chaste woman associated with Tombelaine is taken ultimately out of this life by a non-human and frightening figure associated with Mont-Saint-Michel. Yet, if read as sacred parody, the polyvalent nature of the two mountains means that such parallels are simultaneously blasphemous and redemptive.

Thanks to the sacred associations involved, the story of the girl abducted and killed by the too-corporeal giant is now overlaid by the story of the Virgin conducted to heaven by the bodiless archangel. It invites and allows participation in an important historical event with sacred overtones.

At the same time, in the AMA, it is the site of tongue-in-cheek parody.

A vision that came into sight

It is, by turns, diabolical, grotesque, sacred, sardonic—and terrifying. Yet to mean too many things is to risk chaos, and even non-meaning. This Giant, even after death, is potentially terrifying because he also represents a contagious chaos that threatens to undermine any significance humans attribute to their own symbols and achievements.

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To enjoy incongruous similarities between two things is to assume that parallels exist there to be discovered; that the delight of humor is a delight in recognition. The joke, even or perhaps especially the blasphemous joke, may be an act of faith in meaning that transcends human constructs. At the same time, tangible things allow access to multiple symbolic systems at once—to layered and complex stories of faith, heroism, and disgrace.

Although a Giant and a Saint are two very different things, the physical remains of each may connect. They may even allow us to touch, to enter, stories that are at once profoundly secular and profoundly sacred. He is currently an independent scholar and teacher in Phoenix, AZ. Michael D.

The Magical Mont-Saint-Michel: an Island once more at high tide

Reeve, trans. Barron and S. Weinberg Exeter: University of Exeter Press, : ll. Stephen H. Shepherd New York: W.

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Norton and Company, Inc. This is partly because the AMA-poet expands on certain aspects of the tale he inherits from the chronicle tradition, while Malory, who follows him, is more concise. Valerie Krishna, ed.

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Brewer, , p. Jess Bessinger and Robert K. Brewer, Rather, as I will show, his blasphemous joke helps to unlock alternative sacred and historical interpretations of the rest of the Mont-Saint-Michel episode.

This refers to a folk superstition I will examine below. Only a few such objects exist for Michael, who had never been human. See below.

Nevertheless, he departs sharply in this regard from his more historically-conscious sources. See l. The kirtle is woven of the beards of kings who are subject to the Giant. This motivation is unique to the AMA. As for the kirtle, it is significant that Arthur takes it from the Giant here, since, according to most commentators, many of his subsequent actions in the poem are prideful and reflect those of the Giant.

The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

Well, how do you explain this? Back in the mists of time, before Christ, there were Roman baths in this place, and very impressive ones too which one can still see. The first Carmelite community on Mount Carmel dates back to the time of the Crusades, when European pilgrims decided to emulate the life of Saint Elias, who they considered to be the first monastic. Despite the apparent hopeless situation, Saint Lorenzo beseeched Saint Michael for aid in battle. In A. In the V century, while Elvio Emanuele, 33rd commander of the armies of Siponto and local lord, grazed his large herd of cattle on the mountain, something unusual happened: His prized bull went missing. Amongst the species that can be seen around the bay, there are seals, dolphins, many types of fish and above all, crustaceans.

Related Papers. By Chris Pipkin. By Katherine Allen Smith. By Thomas Crofts. Arthuriana : By Gillian Adler. By David Hennessy Gaule. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Michael will guide us. Only my temple [Mont St.

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One of France’s most visited place

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The Mont Saint-Michel manuscripts through the ages

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I am going to prepare a shelter for you. Henceforth time is up.