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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Once Upon a Happy Ending , please sign up. Does anyone know why 2 of the stories are missing in the current edition? See 1 question about Once Upon a Happy Ending…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3.

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View all 10 comments. May 11, Treece rated it really liked it Shelves: vampires , series , sci-fi-themes , tough-as-nails-heroine , anthology , alt-history , beautiful-cover , aristo-hero , cheers-for-underdogs , exotic-locale. The only issue I had with this collection was sometimes the happy endings didn't always feel like a true HEA, leaving too much room for interpretation.

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One example is a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin that made me sad and angry at the injustice. The best part is there are NO boring stories at all. From the beginning to the end, every story is worth reading. My favorite was by K. Shea and the darkest was written by Cameron Jace, a retelling and reworking of The Wizard of Oz that is gritty, violent and so very brutally close to the ugliness of our reality. I would recommend Once Upon a Happy Ending , which is overall a strong group of talented and creative authors. Next, I will be reading Once Upon a Kiss and can hope it keeps getting better.

For lovers of fairy tales with a new invention, this is a nice series to collect and for. Oct 31, KelticKat rated it really liked it. This collection was and enjoyable, sometimes uncomfortable, but overall new twist on a few know and lesser know fairy tales. For this review - I tried to keep my comments to one sentence - since these are short stories, I didn't want to give the inner workings of the stories away!

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Twelve Dancing Angels - Ella Summers: Nyx has a problem - She goes to sleep fine but it's what she does while sleeping that is keeping her up at night. Shea: A clever princess banished for a year finds and is found by the unexpected. Tapscott: Shaken and Stirred - with a twist. Rapunzel's Beauty - Casey Lane: Is beauty a curse or blessing? Will true love break the curse. Thus leaves us with the question what is true love and what happens when beauty fades? What if the children were? Ellora's Tail Blood and Snow Book Beastly Beauty - T.

Rae Mitchell: A one of a kind beast meets a one of a kind prince. Sleeping Cyborg - Aya Ling: a loophole in the curse. Vincent, the Tailor - A. Exley: This tailor's stitch save more than nine. A Stepmother who is out for herself. While all the stories were entertaining. I connected with the characters and definitely was left wanting more from them and their worlds. The story I liked the least was - A Fistful of Stars - I would probably read more from this world - but it left me a bit disturbed maybe that's what was meant to be..

I Voluntarily and honestly reviewed this Advance Reader Copy and was not compensated in any way. Nov 05, Jessie rated it really liked it. I loved how the retellings of Rapunzel and Hansen and Gretel completely retold the story in a new way. Some of the other stories stayed truer to their basic fairytale, and that was fun too. Other stories gave me a peek into their fairytale world. There were a few stories that I stopped reading based on content. Here is the information that I wrote down, just in case you want to share this with a younger audience.

Twelve Dancing Angels aka the twelve dancing princesses Lesser curse words d and h , gladiator style fighting The Woods little red riding hood Language at least the f- word, stopped reading there Fistful of Stars Wizard of Oz No swearing in prologue, starts in chapter 1, also talk of soldiers torturing and raping a woman for fun. I stopped reading at that point.

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I stopped reading there. I loved that!

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ONCE UPON A LOVE (angel fairy tales Book 1) eBook: Bella Rose: layfenzerita.tk .au: Kindle Store. Rate this book Be the first to ask a question about Once Upon A Fairy Tale tries to make one to kill the chancellor so that he and the bird may be together. . I love to get these because they feel like such a steal and it's a nice way to try out Vampires and Werewolves and Demons and Angels, Sword & Sorcery, Fairy .

I am glad to have been introduced to some other new authors too. May 21, Jemma rated it liked it. Did not like. Merged review: Over all, I was pretty happy with the collection, given that I only paid 75c for it. All the stories where quite short, and the romance often felt a little rushed the plots probably wouldn't have made it on a large scale , but they were interesting snippets, and a good introduction to the authors. Twelve Dancing Angels Was really weird and badly written.

Did not like in the least. Some - Read as part of an anthology - Super weird book that wasn't even a proper story. Some suggestive content. The Goose Girl by Brittany Fitcher I quite liked this one however, and I'm definitely more interested in the author's other work. Her writing appears to be quite good, and her characters were likable. Shea The reason I actually looked at the collection.

Was a fun read and I quite liked the quirky characters. Chains of Gold This one was good Rapunzel's Beauty An interesting idea which was pulled off quite well. Also basically no romance, so that was a nice change : Hansel and Gretel Bizarre murder children.

Kinda on the disturbing side, well written for the most part, but the ending made no sense. Those kids aren't just going to 'reform' like that. Ellora's Tail Is actually literally just a couple of sample chapters. Not interested in the book.

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The Woods The were elements of this story that I quite liked, though the insta-love was a little too quick for my tastes But it is intense. Really intense. It's part of a larger series, but as an introduction it works quite well indeed. And I do like the wild west Oz kind of idea. But it's a hard kind of book. There is a lot of violence, and it's not the punching people kind either. It's more brutality against slaves and senseless violence towards them.

I might be interested in the series, but they do look quite adult. Beastly Beauty This one would have been really good if not for the fact that they literally had one conversation and loved each other for centuries. Other than that though : - a little on the violent side, but nothing like the previous book.

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The Sleeping Cyborg Quite liked it : , the characters were fun, and it was an interesting twist on the story. The Pastry Chef's Apprentice by Melanie Cellier Probably needs the context of the second book of her series, which I happen to have read recently, so yay. Anyway, decent enough.

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Jun 19, Patricia Bello rated it really liked it. However, I think it comes close to perfection as a romance that deals with some difficult subjects of a Regency marriage concerning two people learning about love and coming to terms with themselves. Mar 29, Cathy rated it it was ok Shelves: historical-romance , romance , When she was there, he carried her away, and she wept bitterly and sighed, so that he would let her return home, but it was like speaking to the wall. I have little sisters they might like it. Gowan knows from the first moment he dances with Edith, that she is the one he would choose as his wife.

I liked the twist, and I also thought the romance was pretty good too. Though the villains of the piece were a little on the over the top side. Through the Mirror Was interesting, and I kinda liked the idea behind it. Though I think the twist could have been built up a little more.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the collection, though I would recommend being careful of which stories younger people are allowed to read. And two of them had a surprise f-bomb, though I honestly cannot remember which one was the second.

Jun 07, Shayla rated it it was ok.