Sensible Shoes: The Experiences of an Older Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa

Sensible Shoes: The Experiences of an Older Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa
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Verified Purchase. I'll start with what I found good about this book. The author gives a great deal of detail on the mundane, which is often what's interesting in a book like this, because that's where you get the details of daily life. Now what I find distracting. The author seems trapped in her own personal competition with "the younger volunteers". She constantly makes comments without need, or evidence to suggest her comments have merit about how the "younger volunteers" are probably more difficult to deal with than her, have probably chosen footwear that won't hold up unlike her sensible shoes , and so on I feel like the author never learned to respect the skills and potential of the people she worked with.

I found that a little hard to read. November 17, - Published on Amazon. I bought this book as a gift.

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This book was written by a local woman in my town about her experieince as a Peace Corp. I bought the gift for a friend of mine who was also a Peace Corp. My friend continues to travel and work outside the country helping other causes, and she always travels very lightly.

So it is difficult to get her a gift for birthday's or Christmas, etc. One of her passions is reading. So I bought her this book as a gift right before she left for Bolivia to work in a children's home for the next 6 months. She read the book on the flight over. She has since called me to tell me that she really enjoyed the book alot.

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As they say - "it was a great read. But she said that the experiences were very similiar to hers and that she could completely relate to the author and the things she went through while stationed in Africa.

All in all, she loved the book! And of course what she'll do with it is make a short note inside about herself, and leave it out in the open at her next airport stop for someone else to pick up and enjoy. So now, the book is traveling around the world. So maybe we can all be a little more open, honest, and direct, regardless of what dating patterns we prefer. An additional note a year-older Emily would like to add: Sometimes men complain that when they ask women out on dates, the women say "I'm busy this weekend," instead of saying "I'm not interested.

But awhile ago I stopped feeling sympathetic, and here's why: I asked Carl the OMC how he thought a man should respond if he's not interested, but a woman says, "Let's do this again sometime," at the end of a date. Carl said that the man has no obligation to say "I am not interested," since doing so would be rude. And that to the woman it may feel just as rude to say "I'm not interested in you," as it would feel to the man at the end of the date. Both are invited to continue pursuing the other person romantically, and both find indirect ways of communicating their disinterest.

Posted by Emily at PM 29 comments:. It was a friend of our NGO inviting us to continue the party across town.

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We were only there because Save the Children was having a conference in this ordinarily sleepy town and all the better hotels were taken up. I waited for a minute hoping for the reassuring hum of a generator, but no luck. I took a step, tripped, cursed, and felt my way to my room.

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Sensible Shoes: The Experiences of an Older Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa [ Melva Jane Steen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sensible Shoes: The Experiences of an Older Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa - Kindle edition by Melva Jane Steen PhD. Download it once and read it on your.

I used my cell phone as a flashlight, shining it like Nancy Drew in my closets and under my bed, just in case. Then I sprayed myself with Off, pulled my hoody over my head, and tried to convince myself I was imagining the feeling of bugs crawling. I kept thinking I heard sounds on the poorly-locked balcony off my room. It occurred to me that everyone I knew in this country was off drinking at an unknown location.

So I called my mom. For once, the connection was good. In the morning, I stumbled down into the hotel lobby to meet up with the rest of the team. I sat down on a couch to wait. Thinking he was trying to hit on me, I rolled my eyes and looked down. Later that day, as we were setting up for the day of solidarity, three truck loads of UN peacekeeping forces rolled up. This turned out to be entirely unnecessary, and they spent the afternoon watching interactive theater as seen in the image below. This little anecdote is pretty typical of my experiences this summer.

But that would be a lie. And so far, so good. For example: guns are so understated here, security personnel carry them openly. Whenever we drive by a UN encampment, I find myself wondering if the yards of barbed wire and heavily armed guards are necessary. I know that there was a horrible conflict here, I know there continues to be conflict here, but on a gut level, I find it impossible to reconcile with my experiences. I do know that I am not a risk-averse person, and I have never felt seriously threatened during my travels most of which have been in Africa.

That being said, I do have some safety tips for women planning to travel solo to off-the-beaten-track-places:. Tight leather pants, black leather corset top and surprisingly feminine army boots are just some of accessories needed to be a good female action star. However, perhaps we should ask the question, are these women true action heroes? Recently Yahoo featured an article on its homepage about the new Angelina Jolie movie, Salt. The article made a brilliant point, Angelina Jolie is the first female to transcend the gender block on action films.

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Do they merely cater to male fantasies?

Or do they produce good role models for girls? Posted by Rachel at PM 3 comments:.

So what is the purpose of this new-fangled FFR? Why, to keep Hollywood in check of course! Since the film is openly fictional, its historical accuracy bears little importance to the FFR.

I'm a lot more concerned by its social in accuracy and ir responsibility. How to assess Boleyn Girl? It's hard to recall the last time a film disappointed me this much. I suppose I should have known what to anticipate when the description on the box said it was about two sisters who competed with each other and "vied" for the king's attention.

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Or when it started off with the women as little girls, their father discussing how one of them was kind, the other ambitious. Or when the sweet, kind one was blonde and the ambitious one brunette. And yet I was still surprised when the brunette sister became the evil temptress, tricking the po' wittle king into betraying his country, his marriage, and his God, until he finally loses his mind and does the only thing he can: he rapes the undeserving temptress, demanding "Show me you were worth it!

And why was I surprised by the film's misogyny? Well, read on: The whole twisted love triangle gets started when the girls' father decides to toss the unmarried Brunette, Anne Natalie Portman , into the King's lap, in the hopes that the entire family will profit from being related to the king's mistress. When Anne's efforts fail to capture the King's attention, he falls instead for the guileless but married blonde, Mary Scarlett Johansson.

He summons her to court and, as her family explains, a summons is not a request. Mary begs not to be sent, but even her husband is powerless to resist the king's summons, and so they set off. But does the film address how this summons is itself a form of rape? No, Mary goes to the King quietly but with frightened looks when his back is turned , and she quickly falls in love with him.

When the King later rapes Anne and Anne asks Mary how he treated her when he slept with her, Mary remarks that he was remarkably and surprisingly tender. I suppose the moral of the story is that a good woman is not raped but a manipulative woman is. Never mind the fact that rape is a way of seizing power more than an uncontrollable desire to sleep with someone and that the king used sex as a form of power over both sisters. But to backtrack for a moment - before Anne actually catches the King's attention, we have a few moments where the film paints itself out as a friend of feminism.

The girls' mother criticizes their father for whoring her daughters out for the pleasure of men, and the film at least attempts to make Anne sympathetic so that we can understand how she turned so gosh darn temptress-evil. Anne marries a man who is betrothed to another, and when her father and uncle banish her and keep the marriage secret so as not to ruin their political alliances, Anne goes to France. Before Anne leaves, her mother tells her that in France she will learn that the best way to control men is by allowing them to believe they are in charge. Ah ha - here the film is letting us know that it's concerned with women issues and with female power.