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Graduate students are placed in a tenuous position with the duality of being both a student and an employee. You are expected to teach courses and conduct lab work for which the university profits, but when it comes to matters regarding benefits, pay and other job-related support, you are treated like a student.

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Moreover, there is no regulation of the number of hours students work, vacation time and how you are treated by your superiors. In USA, much to the chagrin of neoliberal universities, there has been an increase of graduate students unionizing to improve their quality of life and to take some control over their working conditions [ 4 ].

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I tried to jostle her along. In , we read short stories, poetry, and Hamlet , and we take several stabs at the only writing more dreaded than the research paper: the absolutely despised Writing About Literature. The zeitgeist of academic possibility is a great inverted pyramid, and its rather sharp point is poking, uncomfortably, a spot just about midway between my shoulder blades. Beneath the Ivory Tower is a solid thematic contribution to the field of historical archaeology. The rooms in which we study have been used all day, and are filthy.

Many of the mental health challenges faced in graduate school carry over into the behaviors and methods of future academics; thus, the vicious cycle continues. After completing a PhD, moving to a new institution and starting a new position in academia, these problems do not go away. Academics are notorious for having competitions on who is suffering the most.

There are countless stories of late hours, working through weekends and not taking vacations, all under the guise that the work being done is more noble than nonacademics.

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Friendships, family and social life all fall by the wayside and you lose sight of who you are as a person outside of your position. Academia is built on the exploitation of often well-meaning academics, but the higher you rise, the greater the workload, the greater the pressure and the greater the fall. What is worse, if you try to achieve the sought-after work—life balance, you are seen as not working hard enough and judged by your colleagues. In my efforts to avoid this, I volunteered with my local section of the American Chemical Society since the beginning of my PhD, which gave me a nonlab work related outlet, helping me develop skills and make new friends and contacts.

Naturally, I was criticized by my colleagues for not being committed enough to my lab work, but it was the best decision I made and ensured I had marketable skills outside of the ivory tower.

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Although this article is from a heterosexual, white and American perspective, it is still my hope that if these experiences resonate with you and you are struggling, that you seek help. It was through the support of friends, family and my therapist that I was able to complete my degree and manage the mental load of graduate school a bit better. I want to close this editorial with my perspective now that I am looking back at graduate school a few months into my new position.

He had no qualms about interrupting the daily activities of everyone from doctors and lawyers to poets and priests, pressing them on their deeply held beliefs.

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While most Athenians were uncomfortable putting their traditions to the test, Socrates did develop a following among a motley crew of open-minded students, merchants, aristocrats, and dramatists. They not only cast doubt on their cultural inheritance, but also began to formulate new answers to tough questions about the ethical basis of our actions and the essence of human flourishing. They also challenged their mentors. Critical exchanges over ethics and the good life continue to this day. This is a good thing: we need more sites for reasonable debate over contentious issues, with the goal of fostering dialogue between engaged citizens across the ideological spectrum.

This is an edited and revised version of an article that initially appeared in the New Statesman. A Modern Engineer — Edinburgh, Midlothian. UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher. Reasonable debate While most Athenians were uncomfortable putting their traditions to the test, Socrates did develop a following among a motley crew of open-minded students, merchants, aristocrats, and dramatists. Philosophy Thinking Debate Socrates Greek philosophy. From the tennis courts of William and Mary to the "iconic paths, lawns, and well-ordered brick buildings" of Harvard, this volume will change the ways readers look at their alma maters--and at archaeology.

Russell K.

Skowronek , professor of anthropology and history at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, is coauthor or coeditor of several books including Pieces of Eight: More Archaeology of Piracy. Kenneth E. Contributors: Uzi Baram M.

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Hodge Linda J. Hylkema Melissa Johnson Elizabeth A. Lewis Diana D. Loren Rochelle Lurie Michael F. Milewski Michael S. Nassaney Jodie A. Samford Mark R.

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