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Well done. The original virals from The Passage are still making the rounds a century later with a type of human, Red Eyes, helping them. These Red Eyes, aka collaborators shortened to Cols are a special type of depravity. The sacrifice their own species for snippets of power.

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In Texas, the Expeditionary is about run out of wind for the hunt and destroy missions. The government there feels that it is almost more important to keep the fossil fuel sources protected than to go on the offensive against the remainder of the Twelve. There are some dissenters however. Coffey and others. They know there can be no end until patient zero and the eleven other original virals are ended.

Book 2 is quite a bit more raw than the Passage in some respects but you knew it would have to be. The blending of fiction and science to paint this post-vampire-apocalypse North American quarantine zone is top notch world building. One detractor for me was the author trying to juggle so many story-lines at once that the reader, or listener, can easily become confused in time and place.

A variant cover from the one associated with the Audio book but perhaps my favorite of the two. A passing sentiment from the author. An image I found associated with this online and I wonder which character from the book it represents.

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The journey, however, is a fantastic epic covering one hundred years of storyline. It begins with the US Army undercutting an academic expedition they funded into Bolivia in search of a miraculous breakthrough to make super soldiers.

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Aimee Machado, health sciences librarian at Timbergate Medical Center, has no reason to doubt the preliminary finding--at first. In college Mark majored in Journalism and minored in English. Words: 87, Mark lives in Denver with his amazingly patient wife, Brandie, and their two sons, Aeden and Gabriel. Published: December 15, by Coffeetown Press. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. To identify synergistic effects between SXT and other antibiotics levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, or TIM , a checkerboard assay was performed using well U-bottom microplates.

Typically that is how a lot of nightmares in this day and age begin. The story begins in two places. The tale of a mid-western, down on her luck, waitress who has to do, what a lot of judgy-types might consider unspeakable, things to provide for herself and her daughter. The tale of a research Doctor who, lost his wife early in her life, wants to find solutions to keep humanity from experiencing that kind of pain. He organizes an expedition with the help of the US Army into Bolivia chasing something that should have been left alone.

The action and ruthlessness displayed in the scenes of this novel really bring home just how depraved governments and people can be when they really want something badly enough.

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I found all the storylines captivating and moving. Not sure when I will get to the rest of the series but there does seem to be an indication it might go to TV or Movie. Four out of five stars. This in itself is somewhat supernatural in that the mean life expectancy of a BSI agent is two years. His team is called to Denver to quell or eradicate a herd of zombies and they stay around because supernatural events happen in clusters. As it happens Kal has been preparing for this career all his life, or at least since the age of fifteen. That was when he saw his sister brutally murdered by the Finnish version of cthulu called Iku-Turso.

Upon growing up he finds a card that an agent had given him and his rage resurfaces leading him to make…rash career and life choices. That is the end of the potential spoilers. There are zombies, witches, ghouls, Renfields and Vampires.

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And they must complete their mission without the help of the BSI, its magical weaponry, and the superhuman power of Kal's legendary rage. Read more Read less. Review "Another high impact, fast moving story from Mark Everett Stone.

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I cannot say enough about this series. Kal Hakala is back with the BSI after he faked his own death. With only a few months left, he is finally considering retiring and settling down with his new love. But the suspicious death of a close friend and former BSI agent has Kal off on another paranormal case that's packed with the action, suspense, and humor I have come to expect from this incredibly talented author.

November 2, - Published on Amazon. These books are not going to solve world hunger or resolve you hidden memories, but it is chewy, escapist goodness for an evening or two. August 11, - Published on Amazon. I never really know what to expect when I read this series. He tends to kill off unexpected characters, which definitely keeps me guessing and wanting to read the book cover-to-cover in one sitting! I definitely can't wait for the next one! Write faster!!! April 19, - Published on Amazon.

I thoroughly enjoyed another this book and simply love the series. This author knows how to write a great story and has continued this series with yet another wonderful story. March 31, - Published on Amazon. Entertaining and action-filled.

The characters are interesting, but a bit more development would flesh them out.