With Love from Bliss (Saskatchewan Saga Book #2)

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With Love from Bliss (Saskatchewan Saga Book #2)

Our Stores. Apply Filter Remove Filter Categories. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! We Accept. Shipping Methods business days Minimum 10 business days. Court Brody knew his assignment to infiltrate a secret militia organization didn't allow for any mistakes. But the stakes became higher when he found himself faced with Sabrina Korbett--his former flame who'd stumbled into the wrong place at the worst possible moment.

Working undercover, he had to keep his distance and his agenda hidden from the one woman he'd always loved. Then he discovered her secret--she'd never told him he was a father. Although he'd missed his baby's birth, Court vowed to be there for his toddler son forevermore.

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But with his cover nearly blown, could Court survive long enough to keep his family out of harm's way? In With Love from Bliss, Kerry Ferne, a precocious orphan taken in by her Aunt Charlotte, finds happiness for the first time and deep and abiding friendships with her maid, Gladdy, and her new "sister," the frail Franny. When a loved one's death seems spurred by an act of casual cruelty, Kerry is driven by revenge to an act far beneath her.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ruth Glover is the wife of a minister and is a native of Saskatchewan. She has written several previous books, including The. A Place Called Bliss: A Novel (The Saskatchewan Saga) #1 by Ruth Glover Start reading With Love from Bliss (Saskatchewan Saga Book #2) on your Kindle .

She is stopped short, however, when love surprises her. A novelette of 15, words; a sequel to Hambly's Dragonsbane Winterlands series. Everyone knows that when the faerie-folk of the marshes kidnap a human child, they replace it with a changeling, a shadow-baby.

source When John Aversin, Dragonsbane and Thane of the Winterlands, hears that the inhabitants of a local village are accusing a changeling child of murdering its human foster-mother, he is alarmed and appalled. He knows that changelings don't kill their foster parents - and that if the villagers harm the changeling, the shadowy faeries are capable of taking horrible revenge. Newton Ph. Love may be just a game, but the baseball players in Jennifer Seasons' sexy diamonds and dugouts series— they're playing for keeps! Mark Cutter has it all: a lucrative baseball career, fast cars, and faster women—and all thanks to his priceless good luck charm.

At least, that's what he thinks before Lorelei Littleton shows up.

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Next thing he knows, he's waking up alone, the sexy brunette has vanished, and his good luck charm is gone. More than a little curious about the wicked-hot cat burglar and determined to get his property back, Mark's going to track down the thief and make her pay—big time. She's not losing sleep over it. Lorelei can't get the ballplayer with the bad attitude out of her head. And now he's come after her with more than just revenge in his eyes. Lorelei has a choice: turn over the charm and lose the money, or keep it and risk losing everything.

Davis Mason grew up dirt-floor poor in the rolling hills of rural Kentucky, escaping that life only to find himself adrift on the hard streets of Chicago in his teens.

Determined to never again feel the sting of poverty and hunger, he is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure he has enough power and money to make that happen. Introduced to what seemed a perfect brotherhood within a motorcycle club, Mason is shaped and honed into a deadly weapon by their sadistic president. As he slowly works his way up the ranks to gain control of the club, he's resolved to make it better Betrayed by his bloodline, he cuts all ties with family and begins the process of building a new one.

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Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the club he destroyed, he founds the Rebel Wayfarers MC and surrounds himself with loyal, trustworthy brothers. Mason throws himself headlong into the hard job of making certain his brothers have everything needed for themselves and their families, and he works to balance those needs within both the well-mannered citizen world of business, and with the anything-goes biker world of the MC.

Flirting with happiness time and again, just when Mason believes it's finally within his grasp, he's torn between what he wants Now, in accordance with what Sister Bernadine already knew about her, Kerry summoned her considerable courage once again. Though her voice quavered, she looked up at the Sister bending over her and spoke clearly. It would be best, Sister thought, if she could be brought to accept the finality of her loss, best that she adjust to her new status quickly—that of niece of one of the most affluent and influential women in the province of Ontario.

Why the delay, no one knew. But her hands were gentle as she pulled aside the bedding the small fist clutched so defensively—and so inadequately—against what must seem to be a strange and hostile world. That Kerry did indeed regard it as hostile had been revealed by her words when she was informed that her aunt had been contacted, words that a studied theologian might have come up with, words of a remote Scripture. But what a Scripture! Remembering the incident, Sister Bernadine found herself, again, startled and even dismayed by the strange, even dire, words.

Was it that Avery Ferne, scholarly gentleman though he was, had been on bad terms with Charlotte Maxwell? But here was his small daughter, spouting Scripture like a vested pontiff. But what a precocious child!

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There were additional times when she had inserted Scripture into conversations, some of it suitable enough, some of it with a most uncomfortable application. It was unsettling, to say the least. And what did she mean by it? The quirking of a lip here and there—some of the Sisters had personal knowledge of the ready and sometimes guilt-provoking quotations—was quickly replaced by a more decorous expression when Sister Claude frowned and paused.

Seemly order restored, Sister Claude continued. When a dozen pairs of eyes were turned on her, Sister Vivian blushed, gathered her courage, and hurried on with her comment.


I think it means mankind. What do you mean, puffeth?